Research and innovation aimed at improving well-being

of our planet and its inhabitants

Agro Innovation

We set aside more than 300 has to experiment in the field with the aim of identifying hybrids and varieties suitable to realize our Ingredients.

Our parcels are evaluated: the adaptability of the crop, its productivity, its chemical and physical characteristics in order to identify the best ones for the food industry and for our Farmers.

With our agronomists we also evaluate innovative agronomic pathways, in order to improve the productivity and the health of the CROPS. In this, precision farming plays a key role in our experimental Activity.

The efforts made to date have allowed us to significantly increase the levels of protein yields in the field and health from CROPS.

Adaptability of the field

Experimentation inside field

Innovative Agronomic routes

Precision Farming

Food Innovation

We collaborate with the most prestigious universities in italy, in order to create innovative ingredients, aimed at improving the well-being and lifestyle of people.

Our technologists are now working to produce higher quality fibres and proteins that can improve the nutritional profile of the products available on the market today.

We are developing in three innovative ingredients for the market for alternative dairy.

In the end we invested important resources in the community projects H2020, with the aim of inbuilt high-performance solutions aimed at improving the health of crops, always in a perspective of environmental and social Sustainability.
More protein, More Fibre


We collaborate with the most prestigious Italian universities


We produce high quality fibers and proteins


We develop innovative ingredients for the alternative dairy market


Major investments in H2020 community projects


A perspective of environmental and social sustainability

più proteine, più fibre