Products that are compleminely allergen free

For years we have been operating in the Agro-food sector by concluding contracts, the harvests of our farmers are transformed into our plants to produce organic, conventional and sustainable quality Ingredients.

In order to ensure healthy and controlled harvests from sowing, a technical staff follows the producers daily in all the agronomic phases, from the choice of the seeds, to that of the most suitable cultivation operations.

We offer to the food industry a wide range of products such as selected grains, superfoods and semi-finished machines suitable for the production of flour, multigrains, soups, corn flackes, meat Analogue and dairy Alternatives.

The characteristics of each finished product are agreed with each customer in a specific way to provide tailor-made products tailored to the needs of the Individual.

Thanks to the constant work of our quality team we provide highly standardized and controlled products.

Each of our production lines is dedicated to specific raw materials in order to avoid any kind of cross contamination, in order to guarantee all allergen Free Products.

The raw materials and the finished products are kept entirely without the use of chemicals respecting the environment and those who live in it.


Selected white and yellow corn grains, calibrated, with different degree of vitrosity depending on the needs of the individual customer.

Big yellow maize gritz

Pieces of wet degermined corn of different grain sizes according to the needs of the individual customer, excellent for the production of corn falkes, biscuits, flours.


Grain of wheat, barley and spelled selected, calibrated, decorticated and / or broken excellent for the production of multigrains, blown products, flakes or for the production of soups.


Soy bean

Selected and calibrated soy grain granules with high protein content.


Legumes selected and calibrated according to the needs of the individual customer, intended both for the production of ingredients and to be used as such.


selected teff grain, gluten free cereal rich in micro nutrients and essential amino acids. Excellent for the production of processed seeds or to be consumed as it is.
amaranth: selected grain of amaranth, gluten-free pseudo-cereal, rich in proteins of high biological value, fiber and micro nutrients. Excellent for the production of processed seeds or to be consumed as it is.




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A certified quality system

We certify our factories and our processes, as a guarantee and testimony of the commitment we daily make to produce healthy products with high quality standards tailored to the needs of each individual customer.